One of the greatest assets of the Hotel Partizán are its large premises and strategic location in the heart of the nature of Low Tatras Mountains. We will help you create exciting teambuilding for you and your colleagues filled with various social, sport and adventure activities, all you need to do is to choose from our wide offer of teambuilding activities. We will prepare a company programme that is tailored to your needs in close cooperation with professional agencies.


The interior of the hotel is adapted to various team, sport or relaxing activities. You can play sports in the multifunctional sports hall, relax and rest in the Wellness & Relax Centre and have a lovely evening in the Sport & Night bar Limbus with music and drinks.
Indoor activities in Hotel Partizán
Multifunctional Sports Hall
squash, volleyball, streetball, badminton, table tennis
Sport & Night bar Limbus
bowling, snooker, dart, table football, disco with a DJ

 Nature Wellness Center

pool, salt spa, jacuzzi, 7 saunas, herbal bath, thematic massages, cosmetics, privat spa, kolagenarium, eventful and relax zones


Lovely environment and favourable terrain conditions of the hotel's surroundings provide many opportunities for sport games, adventures and eventful activities. Choose the right activity for you from among the outdoor sports or ball games or even archery. Go beyond your comfort zone in our rope park at heights – Tarzánia and then relax at the outside natural pool or enjoy a grill party.
Outoor activities 
The outside premises of the Hotel Partizán

Tarzánia – rope park at heights, minigolf, golf, ball games, natural pool, grill party, archery, croquet, petanque, fishing with a grill party

Close surroundings of the Hotel Partizán
tourism, nordic walking, cycling, skiing, ski touring
Ajax Farm
horse riding, pony riding, mini zoo of domestic animals


For all those who love untraditional activities and want to move their teambuilding to a next level, we offer a range of team activities that you will never forget about. We can arrange original experience per order, ranging from road activities such as offroad 4x4, water sports such as rafting on the river Hron, to balloon or helicopter flight.

Activities per order 
Name of activityDescription
Offroad 4x4

Real off roading is an exciting activity and your body will be pumping with adrenaline while enjoying a ride in an offroad vehicle 4x4, in the company of an instructor and a strong car that you can choose yourself. After the ride you can enjoy a barbecue evening or combine both activities. These activities are available from April until October.


Select from a wide range of handguns with various calibres and automatic guns – the smallest Scorpions, Tommy gun type 58 or a light machine gun. As a bonus, you can also try shooting from an automatic shotgun. We provide full service: instructor, gun, and cartridge. There is no need to own firearm license. This activity is available from April until October for persons over 18 years.


Tactics and precision, all combined in an adrenaline spree where the simulation of the real world of fully committed soldiers will put your own courage and team spirit to the test. We provide a complete service, including an instructor, protective clothing, automatic gun and pellets. Choose from two playing fields – forest or building. This activity is available from April until October for persons over 18 years.


Zorb is a transparent ball made of special PVC material with a diameter of more than 3 metres and weight of 90 kilograms. You climb in through a tunnel, buckle up and then roll and roll downhill. At the end, you are safely stopped by the opposite hill, special nest or water.


Are you a fan of thematic stories or activities tailored to your needs? We will arrange a teambuilding where you can practice team cooperation directly in the terrain. It is up to you whether you want to go back the the period of the Gold fever and try to overcome all obstacles and follow signs on the way to the treasure or to experience a night full of unforgettable atmosphere of Las Vegas Casino. Do not hesitate to contact us and do tell us your thoughts and ideas about your teambuilding.

Specialities in Hotel Partizán
Name of activityDescription
Farm games

Increasingly popular farm games are among the favourite and often enjoyed teambuilding activities. They offer the opportunity to try the work of our ancestors, such as mowing, raking hay, crop gathering, cleaning the stables, chopping wood, folding wood, milking, cheese making, on your own skin.

Survival Course

Great teambuilding activity ideal for a group of 8 persons. You can choose from various survival illustrations – scout situation, building a fire, water adjustment, building a shelter, first aid, orientation or self-defence courses: personal defence against an offender with a rifle, gun, knife or axe

Team work - character

This game reveals strengths and weaknesses of every one of you. It reveals leadership skills, courage, fear, character, weaknesses and strengths. In situations never encountered before, the colleagues will show their behaviour in various situations and their ability to adjust to others.

Gold Rush

This programme is suited for all natures and does not have age limitation. During the whole story the teams and their members try to overcome various obstacles as our ancestors in the period of the Gold rush. Obstacles, such as gold panning, crossing the river, traps set by the aboriginals, archery, kidnapping, rescue mission, fording or acquiring a land with a gold vein. All obstacles that our ancestors had to endure will catch up with us.

Inspiration and enthusiasm

Awaken new enthusiasm and inspiration and get back on work track! Overcome all obstacles, collect signs, solve riddles and awaken your inspiration and enthusiasm once again. The teambuilding activity is suitable for both smaller and bigger groups.

Casino LasVegas

Experience the unforgettable atmosphere of a real casino whenever you like. Professional croupiers, nice music, bank, bills, cash desk, roulette, Black Jack, dice and other hazard games for the most demanding guests.

The story is up to you

Does your firm celebrate a birthday? Do you want your event to have a style of the seventies, Eighties or the Nineties? Nothing is impossible just let us know your thoughts and we will organize a teambuilding tailored to your needs.