Generous congress rooms of the Hotel Partizán are perfect for successful workshops, conferences or seminars. Congress centre provides nice comfort and its modern amenities complying with the highest technical standards guarantee that the organized events are at the highest professional level. The congress centre covers a total area of 1000 m2; it is air-conditioned and may be variably arranged according to your needs. There is also 250 m² of space suitable for exhibitions and separate registration desk and cloakroom.

Conference roomSizeCapacity and arrangement: Recepcion / School / CinemaRental price / dayAir conditioningWindowsNote
PARLOUR WINTER GARDEN - Tálska Bašta32 m²-/-/20100 €noyes-
PARLOUR WITH FIREPLACE - Tálska Bašta76,5 m²-/-/40150 €noyes-
Congress parlour BYSTRIANKA65 m²35/30/40125 €yesyeson the ground floor
Congress parlour ĎUMBIER65 m²55/40/50150 €yesyes-
Congress parlour CHOPOK36 m²30/24/30125 €yesyes-
FOYER239 m²---upon requestyesyessuitable for exhibitors
Congress room MÝTO46 m²40/25/38125 €yesnomay be joined
Congress room BYSTRÁ 39 m²35/26/32125 €yesnomay be joined
Congress room JUNIOR TÁLE - Bystrá + Mýto85 m²65/40/60250 €yesno--
Congress room ZUNA + EGUS205 m²185/130/165550 €yesyesmay be joined
Congress room TAVO + ZUNA395 m²380/280/340825 €yesyesmay be joined
Congress room TAVO300 m²310/230/270550 €yesyesmay be joined
Congress room ZUNA95 m²90/65/80275 €yesyesmay be joined
Congress room EGUS110 m²100/70/90275 €yesyesmay be joined
Congress hall GRAND TÁLE - Tavo + Zuna + Egus505 m²500/380/4501000 €yesyes -