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Modern resorts and ski centres such as Tále, Chopok-South, Mýto pod Ďumbierom or Čierny Balog offer services at the European level which are improving every year. The trend of wellness has found its permanent place in the region of Horehronie. Top level wellness centres offer perfect relax after winter skiing or summer hikes or other sport activities. The river Hron offers incredible rafting adventures and its mild flow is also suitable for beginners and whole families. Thanks to the introduction of the whole-region product "Horehronie Region Crd", the region of Horehronie offers an integrated and sophisticated network of customer services with an aim to offer maximum comfort and a good outline of what's the region got to offer.

The introduction of the whole-region product "Horehronie Region Card" offers an integrated and sophisticated network of customer services with an aim to offer maximum comfort and a good outline of what the region has got to offer.

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Both teh exterior and the interior of the architectural pearl of the Hotel Partizán**** - Tálska Bašta - is an experience reminding of Tolkien´s Lord of the Rings. The beauty of Tálska Bašta restaurant is hidden in a small, "hobbit-like" details and it's up to you what secrets you uncover and what will stay hidden.

The visit of Tálska Bašta in an exciting experience for all of you who are still children at heart and are amazed by miracles.






If you enjoy cultural heritage, you will definitely appreciate the possibility of a tour at the Horehronské museum in Brezno, focused on history and ethnography of the Horehronie region. In the nearby city of Banská Bystrica, you can have a look around the memory room of Samo Chalupka or follow the tracks of Slovak Nation Uprising in the SNP Museum. Čiernohronská railway at Čierny Balog is one of the favourite and most often visited attractions. Historical reservation of Folk Architecture, the village of Vlkolínec, is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list and is definitely worth visiting. 



BThere are several castles and manor houses in the close surroundings of the Hotel Partizán you can visit. Slovenská Ľupča Castle which originated in the 13. century is located in the nearby village of Slovenská Ľupča. At the south edge of the Muránska Plain are the remains of Muránsky Castle, one of the most well known casteles of the Gemer Region.






The most beautiful sceneries can be enjoyed from the surrounding mountains. You should definitely plan at least one hiking trip during your stay at our hotel. We recommend a hike to the peak of Ďumbier or Chopok which are the highest peaks of the Low Tatras Mountains. You will enjoy beautiful views of the Spiš Region and High Tatras Mountains. Beautiful views of the Liptov and Horehronie Region will await at a hike to the Kráľova Hoľa Peak. You can also visit Protected landscape area Poľana or the National Park Muránska Planina which are situated in the close surroundings of the hotel. 



OCentral Slovakia is rich in caves. Among the most known and often visited caves are the Harmanecká Cave - stalactite cave in the Veľká Fatra National Park, Bystrianska Cave with a unique Hell Abyss, Dea Bats' Cave - the third longest cave in Slovakia, Demänovská Cave of Liberty with a spectacular colourful sinter formations and Demänovská Ice Cave with a unique ice formations.