Winter sports

In Partizan they come into their own and all fans of winter sports. You can visit the Tale Ski Centre, located less than a kilometer away, or a ski resort Chopok South, 8 km away. During the winter months the hotel's guests can test their sports skills at skiing, cross country skiing or snowboarding. Near the hotel also offers space for ice skating and snow tubing - Popular entertainment for children and adults.



During winter months you can use public ice skating rink at the winter stadium of Ladislav Horský at the town of Brezno. You will definitely enjoy your ice skating day spent with your family. If interested, you can use the services of an ice skating instructor who will teach you the basics of ice skating. If you are interested, please contact us on the email address or call us on 0949 491 677. Fee for the services of the ice skating instructor is €1.50 / 30 minutes. We recommend to wear protective helmet and gloves.







4 km long circuit at the golf course Gray Bear and 1 km circuit at the Little Bear academy is open. Also tracks in Vagnár - Pohanské are opened. So far, the snow conditions did not allow us to prepare a track for you with a classic track.

NEW: evening cross-country skiing at 1 km artificially illuminated track at Little Bear during the days when Ski Tále will be in operation during evening skiing from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
We ask the visitors not to go out of a significant cross-country track as it is located on the golf course and skiing out ot the track can result in the damage to the golf course.
You can find the maps in photogallery.




Winter, ski slopes and perfect "powder" – dream of every winter enthusiast may come true in the awesome ski conditions and slopes of the surrounding ski centres. Explore 6 km of cross-country track and enjoy skiing, snowboarding or ski touring as much as you like.

The price of your stay at the Hotel Partizán includes: ski and snowboard newly built room, dryers for ski and snowboard boots





Make your stay at the Hotel Partizán more active and have fun on ski slopes.
Choose one of the nearby ski centres the one which suits you most:

Name of the ski centreDistance from Hotel PartizánNumber and length of pistesNumber of cable cars and ski liftsAltitudeCapacityPiste characteistics - EasyPiste characteristics - IntermediatePiste characteristics - Demanding
SKI Tále1 km5/2,77 km6/0580-860 a. s. l.4110 persons / hour131

SKI Tále

Ski resort Tále offers a selection of various winter activities. Smooth operation on slopes is ensured by 6 lifts with the capacity of 4 110 people per hour.
Precisely prepared tracks for experienced as well as less experienced skiers, slope reserved only for beginners. Total length of tracks of 2.77 km is equipped for the option of using artificial snow.
3 ski lifts and 1.5 km of ski tracks are available during night skiing.
For fans of cross-country skiing there is a well prepared track located in an impressive area of snowed-in golf course Gray Bear with a lap of 4 km and 1 km long circuit in Little Bear golf academy.
Jasná, Chopok South8 km41/50 km13/14900-2004 a. s. l.31784 persons / hour23,84%40,44%15,82%

Jasná, Chopok South

Whether you are with friends, family, expert or beginner skier resort Jasná Nízke Tatry offers activities and beautiful environment that you will love. The resort is located in the mountains Low Tatras which is part of the national park NAPANT. Low Tatras massif trails over the middle of Slovakia in the length of 82 km the east-west direction, between scenic valleys of Váh and Hron. The highest peak is Ďumbier 2043 m a.s.l. and the second highest peak is the known ski and hiking hill Chopok 2024 m a.s.l..
Jasná Nízke Tatry as the largest ski arena with great conditions for winter sports in Slovakia offers endless opportunities of entertainment and active relax on the northern and southern side of Chopok. The resort offers 50 km of perfectly snowed up slopesdifferent difficulty, suitable for beginners, families with children, advanced skiers and also to organize world class competitions. Modern snowmaking system in the length of 36 km offers the snow guarantee for minimum 5 months in a year. The wild ride lovers will be able to enjoy the free ride zones in great snow park. You can ski in the evening on the illuminated slope at Biela Put. The length of the winter season is usually from the beginning of December to the end of April. There are operating 23 cable cars and lifts with transport capacity more than 28 439 persons per hour at Chopok.
Mýto pod Ďumbierom4 km7/4,5 km5/1598-898 a. s. l.3600 persons / hour34--22

Mýto pod Ďumbierom

Ski Centre is situated on the northern slopes of the Low Tatras foothils, close to the important road line from Banská Bytrica through Podbrezová, in the direction to Poprad. Ski Centre has 4600 meters of pistes altogether. Orientation, configuration and exceptional character of the hill with its parameters (approved for FIS races) meet all the prerequisites for quality skiing not only for demanding, active skiers but also for less skilled skiers and beginners. Skiers are taken to the top by a new 4-chair lift POMA UNIFIX with a capacity of 2000 persons / hour, and 4 ski lifts which increase overall transport capacity to 3 600 people / hour.
We all know that is not only about skiing alone but also about additional services that make the day on the slope much more enjoyable, therefore you will definitely like our newly built restaurant with a capacity of 250 people and a wide offer of meals and drinks, buffets, social facilities, ski school with professional ski instructors, ski rental and ski service. Large capacity free parking is located directly in the area of the Ski Centre. New chip ticket system and all the mentioned services create a good atmosphere for a perfect day on the slope.
Čertovica20 km7/12 km5/0598-898 a. s. l.3250 persons / hour151


Lyžiarske stredisko Ski centrum Čertovica (900 - 1145 m n. m.) leží na severných svahoch Čertovej svadby v čarovnom zimnom prostredí Nízkych Tatier. Cez sedlo Čertovica prechádza cesta, ktorá spája Liptov s Horehroním. Hneď po vystúpení na parkoviskách z auta alebo z hotelov a chát, ste na lyžiarskych svahoch.Najfrekventova­nejšie lyžiarske svahy sú umelo zasnežované. Dĺžka lyžiarskej sezóny je priemerne 120 dní a trvá od 15. decembra do 15. apríla. Tento lyžiarsky areál je ideálnym miestom nielen na lyžovanie ale aj na snowboard, je východiskom na lyžiarske túry a skialpinizmus. Stredisko Ski centrum Čertovica ponúka udržiavané bežecké trate v dĺžke 5 a 20 km. Stredisko bolo podľa klasifikácie lyžiarskych stredísk na Slovensku ohodnotené troma hviezdičkami (Značka kvality***).