Horehronie Region Card

HOREHRONIE Region Card, discounts up to 50%

Scenic region of Horehronie lies in the heart of Slovakia and is rich with natural beauties, tourist attractions, history and culture. In order to get you orientated and to show you in the simplest way what we think is worth seeing and experiencing, we have created HOREHRONIE Region Card for you. This discount card not only saves you money but also helps you to get to know the beauties of Horehronie region thanks to the inergrated map where you will find the most important information. 


How can I get HOREHRONIE Region Card?

The card is usually a part of your accommodation package (you will get it free of charge with your stay) but if not, you can buy it at the front desk of the Hotel Partizán****. Card price is 2 € and it is available for every visitor staying in Horehronie region for at least one night. The condition is that the accommodation provides must be the contractual partner of the Organization of destination management, Cluster HOREHRONIE. The card includes two types of discounts: fixed discount and a discount that is bound to your stay. While fixed discount is valid for 6 months since the issue of the card, the latter is only valid during your stay. The amount of the discount depends of the length of your stay in Horehronie region.




How can I get the information map?

You will get the information map free of charge with your HOREHRONIE Region Card. The map contains basic information about discount providers, as well aas other services in the region.



How do I save money during my holiday in Horehronie Region?

1. Find accommodation in a facility that is a contractual partner of the Horehronie Cluster, for example for 5 days
2. Buy HOREHRONIE Region Card / or you can get in package price
3. Enter the request of accommodation package in the system 
4. You will get 10% discount for skipass Ski Mýto pod Ďumbierom as a part of your accommodation package
5. From skiing straight to the Wellness with a 20% discount
6. If you get hungry after swimming and wellnessing, you can enjoy lovely dinner in a contractual facility with a 10% discount
7. If you don't want to stay in at night, you can visit Sirius night club with additional discount at the entry
8. If you visit at least 5 contractual restaurants in a period of 5 days, including a stylish farm restaurant, have at least one massage, visit a fitness centre, play bowling or squash or go ice skating, thanks to Horehronie Region Card your wallet will suffer a negligible loss compared to all the new exciting adventures you will experience during your stay